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The HAT Story (View our prezi here)

By 2020 25 million things will be connected to the internet, none able to integrate the personal data they capture about us. Personal data is everywhere, out of anyone’s control, in all sorts of different data stores – the volume of personal data out there, the diversity of the location and uncertainty of rights in use are all increasing exponentially. Work is going on, particularly around the semantic web and “big data” to connect devices and allow better understanding of data, but very few take the perspective of the individual, in the way we want to use and transform our own data.

In an era of IoT, we believe people.. and not machines… should be at the hub of all things

The Hub-of-All-Things™  i.e. the HAT, puts individuals at the centre – at the hub of all things – and give us the technological and information processing power to acquire, use and share our own data.

HAT started as a big research project – a partnership between 6 UK universities. Together, we realised that we can change the Internet by giving digital users information processing power the way corporations have; power to integrate, view, use and organise their content and data and share them, so that individuals have collective power and control on the Internet and benefit from online interactions.

So we built the HAT and designed the HAT ecosystem that could make this happen.

To know what exactly is the HAT, click here. You can read all about the research from the 6 HAT briefing papers and all the blogposts on the R&D site as well.

Then we began to roll out what we designed…

The implementation of the HAT ecosystem began with the formation of the HAT community foundation, HAT Data Exchange Ltd, and a successful indiegogo campaign that had more than 300 people backing us!  Enthused by all the support, we spent a few months planning and building and finally rolled out beta HATs in July 2016.

The story continues….

Our community is getting stronger every day as more people sign up to their own HATs. We hope you can be part of that story by getting your HAT today.

More news of the HAT can be found here

Here’s what the press are saying about the HAT:

“If the HAT project’s model of data as a form of currency comes to pass, it will represent a turning point for businesses that have so far been helping themselves. The smart home, instead of being a bit creepy, could in future become a place where consumers hold the greatest power.” – Financial Times

“…the point of the HAT – the Hub of All Things – your personal capability to hold everything about you as privately as you wish and, moreover, to trade it on the open market if you so choose; a commodity of great value that will be sought after as industry shifts its attention towards ever-more personalised products and services to suit the way you live and work.” – Groupe Intellex

“The HAT therefore augments digitally sophisticated smart homes by empowering the individual to participate in the ‘personal data economoy’, make better everyday decisions, and generate smarter monetary and time savings. As the HAT is obviously a very appealing concept to individuals and households, its adoption is widely anticipated to dramatically escalate once launched, thereby creating huge network effects.” – BIG Innovation Centre

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