Who we are

The HAT Community Foundation (HCF) is the non-profit arm of the HAT Platform.

HCF’s Mission is fourfold:


HCF is the regulator (or “scheme authority”) for the HAT Platform trust framework. It does this by ensuring that all participants in the ecosystem comply with a code of practice, and creates rating and certification schemes for applications that sit on the HAT platform and providers of HATs.


HCF manages innovation on the platform through our Innovation ecosystem through which we grow new applications and services on the platform.


HCF’s mission is to grow the adoption of the HAT technology worldwide.


HCF represents the user community through its subscribing members and owns, on behalf of its members, a guardian share in HAT Data Exchange Ltd, which operates the HAT ecosystem (the “scheme operator”). HATDeX contributes 30% of its dividends back into HCF.

The HAT Community Foundation is for members of the HAT Platform community of users, developers and researchers, businesses, organisations and authorities, and all other supporters: all those interested in working to provide everyone, everywhere with the benefit of privacy-preserving exchange of their personal data.

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