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HAT Innovations

“If the HAT project’s model of data as a form of currency comes to pass, it will represent a turning point for businesses that have so far been helping themselves.”
Financial Times

“This HAT project has the potential to redefine the way that the internet works. It’s a true breakthrough movement.”
Digital Catapult

“The platform allows the effective brokering, exchanging or monetising of personal data to benefit individuals, giving individuals a voice in the commercial world.”

HAT is an innovative personal data exchange ecosystem, and not just a startup, which is significantly different from other Personal Data Stores (PDS). Here’s how HAT is different.

Containment and processing

  • The HAT provides a secure containment and processing of information and a true private space for the individual to view, analyse, process and use their personal data and content. A personal cloud space that behaves like a personal computer in the cloud.
  • The HAT is a database in your own MicroServer Container. Other PDS are normally an account within a centralised database holding data from many accounts, so a breach of admin level access on PDS usually exposes all users’ data. The same breach on HAT would only expose one user’s data. Read more about an exemplar implementation of HAT from HATDeX.
  • The HAT Personal Data Schema allows data from multiple verticals to be bridged and re-organised, even reorganising data points, while PDS tends to keep vertical data in their original forms. This means that as the HAT platforms mature, HAT users can index, search and cluster their data in innovative ways to help with human recall, decisions and intelligence.

Data debits and exchange

  • HAT is not just a data store. It a personal data platform ready to build services on.
  • The HAT’s Direct Data Debits allow you to control what bundle of data you’d like to share, who to share with, when and how in a ‘direct debit’ manner, meaning you have full control, and can change your mind, even after your initial agreement to share the data, although you might no longer benefit from the exchange.
  • HAT is an exchange platform – all parties are SSL certified and communication is enforced via the HAT APIs. All data exchanged are logged so that you know the journey of your data within the ecosystem and so you can report any inappropriate behaviour of other parties on the ecosystem.

A fairer playing field

The HAT ecosystem has a regulatory body – a HAT Community Foundation (HCF) – to ensure oversight of how the network is working and that all those involved – from individuals users to corporations and other participating organisations – behave properly in accordance with the HAT Code of Practice. HCF does this through the user forum and developer forums and by licensing HAT Data Exchange (HATDeX) to operate the exchange in accordance with the HAT Code of Practice, to:

  • Monitor the statistics for data being held on HATs and transferred between HAT’s and commercial parties on the exchange – collecting and analysing ONLY the data associated with your personal data held on the HAT, that is ONLY the metadata, the information on the type of data you upload, store or copy on your HAT, and
  • Certify developers and commercial entities conform with, and continue to conform with the HAT Code of Practice before they can build database platforms, Apps, Data Plugs or other assets for use on the HAT ecosystem.This HAT Foundation certification ensures every party “plays nice” according to the rules, otherwise they may be excluded from the ecosystem.

Innovating an open innovation platform

  • Research projects on the HAT ecosystem are open sourced for public good and organizations as well as individuals can build on the code to create new services for themselves or for the HAT market place.
  • Hatters can form communities to create free sharing applications since HAT is open sourced.

Innovative business and economic models

  • HATDeX economic and business model is aligned towards increasing benefits for HAT users, and growth in the ecosystem
  • HCF economic model is based on enabling open innovation and collaborative projects
  • Read about the HAT ecosystem economic models here

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