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The HAT Community Foundation (HCF) is for members of the HAT community of users and developers. Anyone, or any firm wanting to develop on HAT must become an associate or full member of HCF. This is so that we can keep the whole development community apprised of the latest developments. It is easy to become a member with your own HAT, or by following the link. 

Members of HCF collaborate to exercise governance over the HAT ecosystem and to develop all the open source assets needed to continuously improve the ecosystem. Any member of HCF can sponsor specific projects for technology development.

There are three types of membership of the HAT Community:

  • User-members – Every HAT user (a Hatter) is a User-member of HCF
  • Associate Members – Hatters who are interested to be a more active member, Hatters who are also researchers, developers and firms wanting developing assets for use in the HAT ecosystem
  • Full and/or Corporate Members – Individuals or Organizations registered as legal members of HAT Community Foundation
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 Every HAT user is a user-member of HCF. They are called Hatters. Every Individual who has a HAT is automatically enrolled as a user-member of the HAT Community when they are issued with their Global Unique Identity by their HAT provider. HAT Data Exchange maintains the list of users on behalf of HCF. HCF user-members will receive all the news and communications needed for their participation in the HAT Data Exchange.

To join as a user-member, just get your HAT here

User-members will be invited to make nominations for representation on regional User Councils. The User Councils will be constituted once the user base in any area exceeds 500,000 individuals and will be invited to provide HCF with user feedback and suggestions concerning experience with HAT.

Associate Members

This membership category is for highly engaged users and volunteers, together with  researchers, developers and firms building and registering assets for use in the HAT ecosystem. Associate members will be formal members of the research and development community and will be consulted on technical contribution and matters affecting intellectual property and licensing, and on system updates and technical governance.

Associate members will have beneficial access to all HAT events such as hackathons and conferences and will appoint from among their number an overall “HAT Advisory Board” to advise the boards of both HCF and HAT Data Exchange on the technical and commercial development of HAT with the objective of expanding the ecosystem, improving its performance and benefits to users.

Note that there are additional payments required for researcher/developer to register and be certified as a HAT Application Developer or HAT Platform/Service provider by HAT Data Exchange on behalf of HCF before any asset he or she has developed can be admitted to the HAT ecosystem.

Full and Corporate Members 

This membership is currently by invitation only and they are registered as legal members of HAT Community Foundation: they are Members of the Company (HCF) and have all the normal rights conferred on members other than beneficial ownership. In particular, Full Members will be consulted on the overall strategy for HCF and will appoint trustees / directors.

Provided that they remain certified against the HAT Code of Practice, Full Members may register any number of assets for use in the HAT ecosystem. Full Members will be the custodians of the HAT Code of Practice and will be consulted closely on its development.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Full Member of HAT Community Foundation or Sign up for any of the above Memberships here

HAT Community also include our Project Sponsors – anyone with an interest in working with the HAT Community to sponsor a project on HAT should contact us. Projects might involve working with the development community to establish new HAT functions and assets particularly for social and societal applications, or working with our research partners at HAT Living Labs.