How can I ask your team more questions?

We’d love to hear from you! Talk to us and other HAT users on Facebook or Twitter or visit our website. Alternatively, please send an email to contact@hatdex.org

We’ve also got a list of questions about data below here that you might find interesting.

How much will HAT cost each year?

The basic HAT consisting of 1GB of storage + data plugs + Rumpel would be around £50 per annum. That is a fully private HAT where you are not obligated to share any data. However, you may opt to get free HATs from our HAT service providers (HSPs) who would require you to share some data with them. You will be able to say yes or no to sharing that data before you get your HAT.  We aim to give you choices in HAT service providers (HSP) so that you can shop around for the most suitable HPP. More importantly, HAT Data Exchange (HATDEX: the firm managing the HAT ecosystem) rules allow you to change HSPs and bring your data with you!

You may need to pay annually for more storage, premium hyperdata browser features and other applications on the HAT later on – but you could possibly get it back from your data exchanges!

When will we get our HATs?

We hope to get HATs out by July 2016 with a choice of 2 or more certified HAT Service Providers. As personal data storage is often governed by national rules,click here to check when you can get your HAT based on your location.

Can I help you in any other way?

Yes! Please share this page on social media, or forward it to your contacts via email.

Most people don’t find data particularly interesting, so they’re missing out on all of the potential. If you help us reach your friends and networks, we might be able to change the way the Internet works.

Even if you just send this on to 3 people, you’ll make a huge difference.

What do you mean by data?

This could mean less security sensitive data such as your facebook posts, your location on your smartphone, your calendar, your health data, your likes, your coffee preferences, your weight, height, all the way to data that is security sensitive such as credit card information, bank statements etc.

Which companies collect data?

Supermarkets collect data about what you buy. Insurance companies collect data about your claims. Google collect data from your searches, emails, calendar. Facebook collect data on your social interactions. Energy companies collect data on your energy use. Your phone has the location you’ve been. This list can go on and on and on. There really is a lot about you out there.

How do they do it?

Mostly you give it to them. by using their tools, by checking out at the cashier, by signing up to their service. you probably have signed several terms and conditions that gives your data away.

Do they know it’s MY data?


How does The HAT help me claim it?

You might not believe it, but many of these services share your data with other companies, but they must do so with your permission. Ever signed in on a web service with Google? or sign up to an application with your Facebook account? They do it through APIs. So we figured that if these companies are sharing data about us with one another, might as well share it with us too! so the HAT is your own service provider to yourself, and you can then claim your data into your HAT!

How is The HAT different from other Personal Data Stores (PDS)?

  1. The HAT is a database in your own Micro Server Container, whilst PDS are normally an account in a centralised database with many accounts). So a breach of admin level access on PDS usually exposes all users’ data, while the same breach on HAT would only expose one user’s data.
  2. The HAT Personal Data Schema allows data from multiple verticals to be bridged and re-organised, even reorganising data points, while PDS tends to keep vertical data in their original forms.
  3. The HAT’s Direct Data Debits allow you to control what bundle you’d like to share, who to share with, when and how in a ‘direct debit’ manner, meaning you have full control, and can change your mind, even after your initial agreement to share the data, although you might no longer benefit from the exchange.
  4. HAT is an exchange platform – all parties SSL certified, and communication enforced via the HAT APIs, and your all data exchanges are logged so that you know the journey of your data within the ecosystem.
  5. The HAT network actually has a regulatory body and oversight through the HAT foundation and it regulates any party participating in the exchange ecosystem to act within the code of practice. HAT Foundation certification ensures every party “play nice” according to the rules, otherwise they may be excluded from the ecosystem.

What does my data look like?

That is actually quite a hard question! We often don’t see our data because it just goes to companies and we don’t get a chance to view it. This is why the HAT will come with your own hyperdata browser – Rumpel – for you to view your own data.

Where is it stored?

For the initial roll out, we will be offering HATs on cloud servers. We call them Sun HATs. In future, you can have HATs as a box in your home (we call them Hard HATs) or with your data completely distributed across the internet to be accessed whenever you pull out your browser (we call them Straw HATs).

Is it secure?

It is as secure as most cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, iCloud or Box.

Is it confidential and private?

Yes, the HAT Foundation certification ensures that HPPs contract with you is legally binding in terms of your privacy and confidentiality. Although, if you do share it through the HAT Data Debit system, it may no longer be private!

Does claiming my data back mean the companies don’t have it any more?

No. You are merely taking a copy of your data. Remember, without the technology of the companies, these data would not even exist so legally, that data is theirs. However, once the network gets more established, we believe that companies will have less incentive to hold your data (it does cost them to store and it is risky for them as well). It then would make more sense to synchronise your HAT with their system. We think this would change the Internet for the better!

What exactly can I do with my data?

It’s one of those questions that can be answered glibly like – you can do this and this and this – but to be honest, the future is to be invented by all of us! It may be that we will use it to match what we have with what we buy e.g. matching our wardrobe with clothes on sale, or we can just monetise it e.g. selling how we use our energy to companies that match deals with our usage or maybe even just to track our own habits so that we can change our diet, lifestyle etc. The initial roll out would allow you to get credits or discount codes for bundles of your data.

How many HATs can there be?

The technology is really at the leading edge, so we expect only up to a million HATs can be technologically feasible to begin with. Our indiegogo supporters will be amongst the select few who will be the first to get their HATs.

If I have my own HAT server, what is the point of a HPP?

A HPP acts as your trust broker, a sysadmin, an IT management role, so that you don’t need to do the back end IT/IS plumbing that you would normally have to do if you own a server e.g. security. HPP could be your host server provider, or could be your managed service for a separate host server. There are a few models of HPPs so it would depend on you to decide which HPP is best suited for you to decide. Regardless, they all have to to be certified by the HAT foundation.

Who can be a HPP?

Anyone can, as long as you meet the requirements of the HAT foundation for providing the HAT technology with an infrastructure that ensures privacy, security, confidentiality and trust. The technology created by the HAT research project has been released as open sourced and given out free so technically, if you wish to be your own HPP, you can as well. You would need to get yourself-as-HPP certified, otherwise you will be missing out on all the HAT services offering rewards and applications on HAT data. Many of our HATDEX certified HPPs often have their own extras services for your HAT data.

Why do I need an invitation code for my Beta HAT

At this stage we have released HATs with Rumpel and MarketSquare for testing by the beta community only.

Beta version means that HATs are hosted on a third party server (AWS) which needs to be paid for at this stage, as we do not have the financial abilities to pay for hosting. Our beta community therefore consist of people who supported us by paying for their beta HATs during our Indiegogo campaign.

If you are interested to join our beta community, you can still do so by paying for an instant beta HAT here:


This will result in an invitation code emailed to you within 24 hours for you to sign up to a HAT on this link:


If you are with the news media and wish to try it out, please email admin@hatdex.org for an invitation code.

The beta programme is a great opportunity for people who would love to contribute and influence the HAT initiative, however it is worth keeping a few aspects typical of beta programmes in mind: http://forum.hatcommunity.org/t/beta-release-of-hat-rumpel-and-marketsquare1.

We are currently in discussions with organisations that would sponsor HATs in exchange for selected data and that is definitely in the rollout plan after beta, so that you will have a choice of different HATs and their payment models.

If you feel in anyway that the beta release may not suit your need, please do feel free to register your interest here so that we can update you on HAT activities –http://www.hatdex.org/sign-up/, or sign up other perks athttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hat-claim-your-data-organise-visualise-control-technology/

Please join our HAT community forum (with or without signing up a HAT) –http://forum.hatcommunity.org/, and do not hesitate to post your comments if you have any further questions! We will try our best to help.

Is HAT available in my country?

Personal data is subject to national regulation in terms of storage and access. The law around this is still being shaped in many countries. This is why we have been careful to inform you if your HAT could be local to you.

However, there is currently no law that would prohibit you from signing up to a HAT anywhere in the world to have your HAT hosted there. This is similar to emails. Many people from all over the world have emails on email servers in other countries. So you can still sign up for your HAT and choose where you wish to have your HAT hosted. We hope you would very much support the HAT movement and get your own HAT!

HATs now available at https://hatters.hubofallthings.com