Data Plugs

Call for Open Source Code for Data plugs

HAT Community Foundation (HCF) Open Source Project Bounty

The HAT Community Foundation is looking for talented community members to contribute Data Plugs in the HAT open source code stack.

To understand the HAT Ecosystem and get started, please find developer information here –

What we are looking for:shutterstock_237547333

  • Web app that can make use of APIs from a popular application to take user generated data, and store it in a HAT using HAT API. The application can be a service like gmail, or any service (besides what HAT already have) that you’d like to use that contains user produced information such as twitter, fitbit, myfitnesspal, etc; to access personal data.

We have some examples that you can take example from –

And the HAT and its api can be found here-

!!!!! Please take extra care with regards to update intervals, and duplicated record handling.

What you will get:

£200 reward for each data plug, subject to acceptance by the open source code maintainer.

How to start:

1.      We use for the bounty, currently we are seeking –

a.      Fitbit data plug –

b.      To propose your own data plug –

2.      Please email and to inform us which data plug you’d like to build as soon as you have an idea, so that HCF can set up a bounty for your project.

3.      Subject to HCF’s confirmation on the bounty, you can start coding.

4.      Please keep your source code in github

5.      Once completed, please share you code so that the maintainer can conduct project check

6.      Subject to maintainers’ approval,  you will be awarded £200

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