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The HAT Community Foundation (the “Foundation”) is the scheme authority in the HAT ecosystem consisting of

  1. HAT personal data platforms (the “HATs”), an implementation of some or all of the baseline technology (see below on definition) into a database repository for an individual user’s personal and related non-personal data, for the utility of data using, sharing or exchange with privacy, confidentiality, security and trust.
  2. HAT application providers (HAPs) – providers of applications (“HAT Apps”) that utilise, visualise, push and/or pull data from the HATs.
  3. HAT Platform Providers – (HPPs) HAT providers that provision HATs with their own contracted cloud infrastructure
  4. HAT Service Providers (HSPs) – HAT providers that provision HATs from existing HPPs

The HAT Ecosystem will allow individuals to control, integrate, use and share or exchange their personal data by being able to grant explicit permission for others to access their data. It is intended that a large ecosystem of users and organizations will enable the emergence of a privacy preserving personal data exchange system to the benefit of individuals, organisations and the public at large.

The Foundation

  1. owns the registered Trade Mark of the “HAT”, the Hub-of-All-Things®
  2. serves as the scheme authority for the Ecosystem, ensuring an appropriate and effective Trust Framework for PCST (the “Code of Practice” for Privacy, Confidentiality, Security and Trust) is in place.
  3. Certifies all members of the HAT Ecosystem for compliance to the Code of Practice and approves their membership into the Ecosystem
  4. Approves the use of the HAT Trade Mark by the member
  5. Has 4 objectives: to promote growth and development of global HAT exchanges in personal data, regulate all members of the Ecosystem, provide leadership in the innovation of personal data services on the ecosystem and represent all members of the ecosystem to industry, policy for greater personal data empowerment and control.
  6. is a not-for-profit company managed by its members.

Governing the HAT ecosystem

– by the membership of HAT Community Foundation is undertaken through three members’ bodies:

  • Members’ General Meeting – full (voting) members meet in a General Meeting at least once each year to appoint trustees / directors and review HCF operations, including the HAT Code of Practice
  • The HAT Advisory Board – drawn from the associate membership (those active in the HAT ecosystem) meets periodically to advise the boards of both HCF and HAT Data Exchange on the technical and commercial development of HAT with the objective of expanding the ecosystem, improving its performance and the benefits to users.
  • User Council(s) – formed from the user nominees in any area where users exceed 500,000 individuals – will inform the HAT Advisory Board and General Meetings from time to time with user feedback and suggestions concerning experience with HAT.

HAT Community Foundation (HCF) is the regulating body for the HAT ecosystem – ensuring oversight of how the network is working and that all those involved – from individual users to corporations and other participating organisations – behave properly in accordance with the HAT Code of Practice. HCF does this through the membership bodies above, the user forum and developer forums and by licensing HAT Data Exchange (HATDeX) to operate the exchange in accordance with the HAT Code of Practise, to:

Monitor the statistics for data being held on HATs and transferred between HATs and commercial parties on the exchange – collecting and analysing ONLY the data associated with your personal data held on the HAT, that is ONLY the metadata, the information on the type of data you upload, store or copy on your HAT, and certify developers and commercial entities conform with, and continue to confirm with the HAT Code of Practice before they can build Databases, Apps, Data Plugs or others assets for use on the HAT Ecosystem.

This HAT Foundation certification ensures every party “plays nice” according to the rules; otherwise they may be excluded from the ecosystem.

The HAT Code of Practice is the primary code through which the HAT ecosystem is regulated. It sets out the rules to be followed by developers, firms and other organisations wanting to put assets into the HAT ecosystem – such as HAT personal databases, Apps and Data Plugs etc. – to ensure that the assets are compatible with the HAT ideals for privacy and security, that the assets will conform with the HAT database schema and APIs so they will integrate and handle flattened “HAT Data”, and so that they support user-based regulation of user behaviour within the HAT ecosystem.