The HAT Ecosystem

The HAT ecosystem is a global network of HAT users, developers, organisations and government bodies that subscribe to a world where individuals can exercise their rights and control over their personal data and be responsible for their digital futures. It is also an ecosystem that believe in the use, collaboration and sharing of data in a privacy preserving way for our own good and the good of society.

A designed eco-system

The HAT Foundation is a social enterprise group whose purpose is to promote widespread adoption of the HAT ecosystem worldwide. The integrated economic and technical design of the HAT ecosystem is unique in supporting a multi-sided market allowing both individuals and firms to maximise the value of personal data exchange in an equitable and privacy-preserving way. The HAT Foundation consist of the HAT Community Foundation, a non-profit organization and the HAT Data Exchange Ltd, a commercial enterprise. Read about the structure here.

That is privacy preserving

The HAT ecosystem consists of all supporters, users, developers, firms and other organizations using HATs to support the exchange and trade of physical, digital and social artefacts – data and content: a network that comes together to give everyone, everywhere the benefit of privacy-preserving exchange of their personal data and content. An individual can configure, combine, display or visualise their data gained from any source and permit the exchange of his or her data with other individuals or organisations.

Managed by HATDeX

At the ecosystem level, the MarketSquare™ platform was created and is managed and operated by HAT Data Exchange Ltd, the commercial arm of the HAT foundation, and this platform enables and facilitates HAT exchanges of data and content through various services such as DataShopper™ and Hatters™  (releasing September 2016). Services on MarketSquare™ operate within the public space. In contrast, Rumpel™ , the HAT hyperdata browser, is a platform within the private space of the individual – only the user can see all the data on Rumpel™ and services that sit on Rumpel™ is native to the HAT with no export of data at all unless a data debit is approved by the HAT user.

With clear distinction between public and private spaces

By designing the ecosystem this way, the HAT foundation promotes a network of individuals and organizations that are aware of the public and private digital spaces on the Internet. With private space on the Internet now finally possible with the HAT, and having the usual public spaces on the Internet (e.g. MarketSquare™ and other web services), we promote interactions that call on all parties to be responsible, and enable new applications that can be designed with both spaces in mind. This would enable a future where individuals have greater control and empowerment on the Internet, instead of being taken advantaged of through irresponsible data gathering, or told what to do by government and firms, or worse, not interact at all because of fear. We believe that such a system is more equitable, democratic and allow better ways of sharing data as well as greater economic gains for all.

Creating open sourced communities

Much of the digital services in the HAT ecosystem is open sourced for the community, as they were built through research funding. These include Rumpel™ and the Hub-of-all-Things™ (HAT) itself. As such, the HAT community foundation manages and maintains an open sourced community who are interested to tap into the research outputs and create innovative digital services for the HAT ecosystem. The foundation runs several projects for this community, such as hackathons, the HAT global festival, seed funding for startups etc.

That continues to build on the knowledge

Finally, research on the HAT ecosystem continues, headed up by WMG, University of Warwick. Projects that sit on the HAT such as HALL increase the knowledge and understanding of the economic, business, legal, technical and social aspects of the HAT ecosystem.

The HAT Community Foundation protects and promotes the privacy and rights of individuals personal data in a way that would build about a more trustworthy environment, allowing individuals and organisations freedom to co-create data in a privacy-preserving manner and make personal data use more effective for individuals and organisations so as to make the future better for the societies we live in. By supporting the HAT ecosystem and fostering collaboration, HCF unites thousands, ultimately millions of HAT users, organisations and developers.