Week 2: Personal data: Industry and Markets, 22 March 2017, 5:30pm 2017-03-16T15:18:03+00:00

Wolfson-HAT Symposium – March 15-April 5


Covering areas such as personal data as a commodity that fuels $31b of the advertising economy, exchange mechanisms, transactions, industry practices, monetization, dataification, digitization

This session will be chaired by Professor Irene Ng



Irene Ng (Warwick Manufacturing Group and HATDeX) Chair

Will a primary personal data market eliminate the secondary personal data black market?
An Ad economy of US$31b is able to spur growth on the Internet to the extent that it can finance fake news. Personal data is one of the world’s more precious commodities and it is now traded in illegal markets where companies buy them to string the data together, identify individuals and use the data to target them for advertising. The effectiveness such targeting is increasing because the supply of personal data is increasing through more Internet and Internet of Things services. Will creating a primary data market cannibalise the secondary market? I will present the HATDeX initiative to allow companies to issue private data accounts to users that allow them to control and exchange their own data directly and also use them to integrate with existing internet services.

Irene is a Professor of Marketing and Service Systems and the Director of the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation at WMG, University of Warwick. She is also a Senior Member at Wolfson College, Cambridge. Irene was an entrepreneur and practitioner for 16 years before switching to an academic career. During her time in industry she occupied a number of senior positions in industry rising to become CEO of SA Tours and Travel group of companies (Singapore, Malaysia, China and UK) and founded Empress Cruise Lines, a company with an annual turnover of USD250m which she sold in 1996. An industrial economist through her doctoral training, Irene’s research lies in the trans-disciplinary understanding of value and the design of markets and economic/business models. She is the recipient of several ESRC fellowship appointments, including being one of the 6 UK Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) research Services Fellows, the ESRC/NIHR Placement Fellow and more recently, one of the five ESRC/InnovateUK Innovation Caucus Thought leaders. Both an entrepreneur and an academic, Irene is passionate about the link between practice and research. She is an advisor to startups on new financial models in digital businesses.


Will Kemble-Clarkson, Ctrl-Shift

Is Business destroying the digital economy?

Customers’ lives are becoming increasingly integrated with their digital environment through ubiquitous connectivity, IOT, available-to-all AI and plummeting technology costs. This has the potential to present a new classification of data: personal data that is accurate, up-to-date, diverse, complete and permissioned. In this data lies the next phase of innovation and growth for the developed economies, but only if we tackle the ongoing drive for business to access excessive customer data, largely without the customer’s awareness, and have additional temerity to fail to deliver meaningful value back to the customer with it.  I will share Ctrl-Shift’s perspective on these shifts in the digital economy and what businesses can do to respond in a way that creates value for their customers and their business in the short term and nurture a healthy digital ecosystem that will benefit the wider economy in the long term.

Will is a digital specialist with fifteen years of experience in strategy, business model design, customer-centric innovation and proposition development. Some of the things he has done to date:

  • Helping businesses create new services and strategic market positions based on trust and control around customer data at Ctrl-Shift.
  • Developing value-creating business solutions that have delivered consistently effective results for clients from a cross section of industries at Perlin.
  • Lead the development of a new business from paper concept to full production product and exit as the CEO of ZenExchange and People dot Property
  • Large scale development and management of brand strategy for O2’s Business Development team, including the launch of the UK’s first Mobile Wallet.
  • Run multi-channel brand communication for O2; managing £45m of budgeted advertising campaigns.
  • Leading the marketing function for the simultaneous launch of a retail bank across four countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Management of dozens of high-profile advertising accounts that included airlines, pharma, charities, financial services and government.


Graham Hill, Optima Partners, Nyras Capital and Ctrl-Shift

GDPR from the Frontline:

With GDPR’s implementation rapidly approaching, organisations need to get started with their preparations. This short presentation describes my experiences directing the GDPR implementation programme at a major UK telco. Starting with a look at the origins of GDPR, it will walk attendees through the different approaches available to implement GDPR, how the telco architected its GDPR programme, some of the challenges it has faced to-date, and how it is making the difficult trade-offs between the wants of the business and the needs of GDPR.

Graham works in service innovation, marketing operations and loyalty management with value management specialist Optima Partners, aviation private equity specialist Nyras Capital and personal information economy specialist Ctrl-Shift . If you have a question, feel free to tweet him @grahamhill