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Our Work

The HAT Community Foundation oversees an ecosystem that lets everybody – users, organisations, and developers – exchange and trade personal data without sacrificing ownership. Its network gives citizens a private ‘microserver’ data account that helps them control and process their personal information easily, much like the way they manage a smartphone.

Progressive infrastructure that protects and empowers individual customers, lets business and developers access a vast, rich data set by injecting privacy and transparency into the data transaction.

Inspire, Ignite, Innovate, Involve

The HAT Community Foundation works within the innovation sector to promote the personal data economy, working with Startups, post-Startup innovation projects, and large organisations around the world.


HCF seeks to inspire organisations large and small about the opportunities available in the ongoing shift towards the new digital economy. We have given Public Speeches, Lectures, Workshops and Forums for organisations as diverse as the Sustainable Housing Action Programme, the University of West England in Bristol, National University of Singapore, Careers and Enterprise Company, and the Inner Mongolia University.


Working with entrepreneurs through the HAT Innovation programme, the HCF has helped dozens of startups understand their value proposition, traction, and growth-readiness from early ideation to Seed. HAT Innovation startups collaborate with the HAT Community Foundation’s network of founders and receive a dedicated HAT advisor, as well as support building a privacy-preserving prototype, and generating the early traction that will ready them to raise their first round of money. Supported startups include Good Loop social advertising, Hospify encrypted messaging for healthcare, Quensus water management, Feral Horses contemporary art stock exchange, Maven venture capital, Savy personal data accounts, and Shape Influence influencer marketing.


Entrepreneurs that graduate beyond HAT Innovation are supported in partnership with the HAT Community Foundation and its corporate partners. They have received network support on grant application submissions and major projects, technical consultation, business model innovation, and new project ideation. HCF has supported both academic and corporate projects in this way, working with StyleScript, Noggin Asia, B.heard, and the University of Warwick.


Some of the most innovative technology and solutions providers in the economy have turned to the HAT Community Foundation for support in telling a more compelling technology story. World-leading organisations like Nesta, Cambridge Big Data, Tata, the Universities of Surrey and Warwick, the ACCEPT and HALL research projects, and some of the best banks, insurance providers, and technology platforms are looking at the HAT to help them usher in the future of the Internet, prepare for GDPR, and transition to leading the new digital economy.

Case Studies


Aim: To provide individual consumers with a data-driven value comparison resource that allows them to make better, more personalized, purchasing decisions.

Impact: B.heard has been working to deploy HATs at the consumer level, branded as B.Safes. This technology will provide them with rich historical data about customers who fill in customer surveys and answer marketing polls, and it will enable them to provide personalized purchase offers to the visitors on their website.

Noggin Asia

Aim: To offer Singapore consumers personalized sales, deals, and marketing products, leveraging the richest set of customer information in the market, without sacrificing data ownership or privacy.

Impact: Noggin has deployed the Noggin Pod mobile application to collect and leverage personal consumer data about its customers, without forcing them to sacrifice data privacy or control. Using HATs, the company can market a unique, completely personalized data sets to their advertising partners without offering them control of the individual’s information to whom they are making a new offer.

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