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The HAT project started as a 6-university project funded by the RCUK Digital Economy programme. Over the years, our community of research have widened to include higher education institutions and grant projects from all over the UK and globally. Many operate their own HATLABs, where, together with the foundation, they do cutting edge research on the personal data economy, contributing to the open source code and conducting research that can help individuals, corporations and society thrive in an equitable manner.

HATLABs are Research and Innovation Labs located within a higher education institution, where they provision HATs from their own independent HAT cluster.

Academics leading HATLABS form part of the foundation research and innovation steering board


  • provision their own private data accounts under its own subset of rules, processes and ethical guidelines, for students, research participants and staff

  • have their own tech support and management team that conduct activities such as hackathons, experiments, open source development and digital games

  • approves data exchanges on its platform for research trials, personalised learning and digital actions.

  • charge for HAT use and provisioning by researchers if they form part of grant proposals

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