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The Internet is changing

The Personal Data Economy is poised to create monumental change, right across the Internet. As personal data grows into its role as the world's most valuable commodity, the Internet is changing around it. To date, our ability to capture and create value from personal data online has been strictly limited to what can be generated [...]

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Personal data? Startup fuel.

Personal data will be the defensibility that startups use to take on major industries. Technology startups, already creating the infrastructure of the next generation of giant web technologies, are going to be able to use personal data as a competitive advantage. In fintech, artificial intelligence, healthcare, social media, and other huge sectors, well-established and massively-defensible [...]

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Driving a new innovation economy

Leaders in the innovation economy, in Europe especially, will be able to use personal data to drive new growth. As new data regulation sweeps Europe to respond to the implications of a modern generation of Internet-empowered businesses and websites, leaders in the innovation economy have an opportunity to champion a new society. Technology that empowers [...]

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