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The HAT Community Foundation

Empowering everyone, everywhere to get the full value of their personal data as they trade it across the Internet

The HAT Community Foundation is the non-profit that governs the Hub of All Things technology ecosystem.

HCF Members help the HAT’s four key mission pillars: Growing, Regulating, Innovating, and Representing the ecosystem of individuals, companies, and other organisations that use the HAT. We help it stay equitable, progressive, fair, and sound for all parties – both for-profit and non-profit.


Growing the HAT ecosystem is mostly about bringing new startups, partners, supporters, and advocates into the fold (though it is also about making it easier and more valuable for individual people to have HATs as well).


Regulating the HAT ecosystem is about mutually certifying and supporting the businesses that build their infrastructure on the HAT, certifying them before they get issued on the HAT MarketSquare or Databuyer.


Representing HAT applications and individual HAT owners is about championing all of our rights in this mutually-beneficial new infrastructure.


Innovating on the HAT is specifically about helping Startups, and we have lots of partners and investors that we work with to make that as easy as possible.

How to Get Involved

We’ve set up a number of initiatives to help promote the personal data economy, including a Foundation Group (a loose consortium of corporate supporters), and an Innovation ecosystem.

Become a member

You can apply to join the HAT Community Foundation as a User Member, Associate Member, or Full Member. User Members are HAT owners – their membership in the HAT Community Foundation gives them a voice in our technology ecosystem. Associate Members are developers, startup founders, or other non-voting ecosystem partners who are engaged with the HAT. Full Members of the HAT Community Foundation vote on the certification, regulation, and growth decisions that are made by the Foundation.

Apply to HAT Innovation

HAT Innovation is a programme established by the HAT Community Foundation to support the fast-growing technologies that have the most to gain from the new personal data economy. New businesses built on the HAT use its privacy-preserving data infrastructure to take on incumbent companies in almost every vertical sector. It is primarily made up of pre-traction startups growing into their Seed Round of financing. Go to innovation.hubofallthings.com to learn more.

What is the HAT?

Initially developed with £3m of Research Council UK (RCUK) and EPSRC funded projects, involving six of the UK’s foremost universities, HATs help the Internet exchange and trade personal data. They are ‘private data accounts’ that let you store your personal data for yourself within a database that is ‘wrapped’ with its own containerised microservices, so that you have full control, access and ownership of it. To learn more about the HAT, visit the home page at hubofallthings.com